Just a few words

Just a few words about me, my art and my writing.   I am not a professional, I am not particularly well educated in art, I am totally self-taught and simply make pictures or write about random things that inspire me, mostly from nature.  Friends tell me that “I write as I talk, I paint how I think and my garden reflects my personality in that it can all be rather wild and woolly, slightly disorganised, sometimes spontaneous, but always dedicated to nature!”  I take photos and stick them on the fridge, I store things up in my mind and they churn around there for days, even weeks, until they burst out and I finally have the confidence and courage to put pencil to paper, or I spend hours researching something, sometimes surrounded by books all open at the same subject seeing how other people have painted or photographed it and then I just do it my way!  On the other hand I may come back from a walk and just sit down and randomly sketch what I have seen.  I have never claimed that my work is technically, botanically or anatomically correct, I paint what I feel and how I see it, if it gives me pleasure to work on it then I think that’s ok. When you have had sight problems and been lucky enough to have them fixed you tend to value what you see and I have a passion for putting it onto paper, it might not be correct, it might not be your choice, but when it flows it’s like music, and being tone deaf all the right notes might be there but not necessarily in the right order!!  I like all sorts of art, I like Canaletto, I like Constable and Turner and I like Lowry.  I am passionate about local artists too, people who like to share their own work, whether it is Botanical art, wood cuts, water colour landscapes, oils, mixed media or needlework and jewellery making, sometimes it is the small business’ that make a difference.  Art is a very personal thing, you either like it or you don’t, everyone has their own opinion and freedom to choose, I hope you like mine, and if it’s not ‘your thing’ then that’s fine with me and I respect you for that.