What have you been missing this year, in these strange ‘no travel’ months? 

Going West is the thing we have missed the most, it would have been high on our list of trips, back towards my Druid’s homeland so dear.  We miss the moors and ancient stones, the pasties and the ale, the Cornish drizzle, the Dartmoor mist, and the sun sparkled sea where gannets sail and the rainbows caused by hail!  Sharing Lizard views clear out to sea with raven, chough and seal and standing high on Chapel Carne, looking out, across, turning right around seeking views from shore to shore and as far as St Michael’s Mount.  I miss the rocky heights of Hound Tor with sun baked granite and wild bees and the mossy greens of Wistman’s Wood that make my fingers itch to paint, but most of all I miss this bird – my Dipper bird – the bird that first I saw as a child nature nerd and to search along that same bubbling bouncing river is my every holiday mission.  The Dipper bird that became my secret passion nearly 50 year ago and in these years of necessary nature conservation lives on still in that same location, so this year it is me that’s missing, I wonder if he is missing me, that strange woman in purple with a habit to stand and stare? So if anyone is down Tavistock way and glimpses my little friend perhaps you would safe the memory and be kind enough to share.

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