Sussex – Chalk track trod

Daybreak, March wind, cold

Sun, slow to raise its golden head,

Unfailing, the Cutty Bird proclaims,

From deep amongst his bramble bed

And stock dove wakes to woe his mate,

In the ivy coated ash, above.

Green rubber boots and hardy tweed

Do warm my journey, uphill trod,

Above Drovers road and shepherd’s church,

The greening cathedral beech await,

Trodden chalk, yew tree chancel arch,

Trails of violet gems, yellow spangles,

Shade then light, crescents and angles,

Green then gold, shafts of silver blue,

Into crystal air, emerge on cue,

Through blackthorn froth, blushing cream,

To a Raven croak and buzzard mew,

To witness, Kipling’s panoramic view.

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